Building Stone Products

Our distinctive range of building stone from our quarries dispersed throughout Central Otago all with their own characteristics and colours.

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Alexandra Stone Fireplace The bagged Alexandra Stone


Alexandra Brown Stone

This classic and worthy stone is extracted from the heart of the Raggedy Range.its colours range from almost chocolate brown to warm tan. Processing reveals it's broader band stratification of off-white and dark grey with a warm brown hue.

Alexandra Brown Stone House Alexandra Brown Stone Apartment Fronting Alexandra Brown House Walling Alexandra Brown Stone Entrance


Poolburn Stone

Poolburn in the dramatic Ida valley is the newest quarry. It is producing some truly exciting stone. Ideally suited to our customised processing machinery, we are producing excellent well formed building stone. The colour is earthy grey with gentle brown tones. Occasional soft brown stone faces are also typical.
Poolburn is also producing some superb paving stone, with a marbled colouring of grey to red brown.

Poolburn Stone Poolburn stone garage feature Poolburn Stone House Poolburn  House Detailing


Clutha Stone

Clutha stone from the Tarras quarry is our grey stone. Sporadic brown stone faces can also be expected. This stone responds outstandingly to our processing method. Bigger block-like stones ideally suited to walling are standard. Clutha stone is the stonemason's favorite with its sympathetic response to a tradesman's tools.
Long uniform stones, ideal for lintels, are also available

Clutha Stone Commercial Example Clutha Stone Housing Example Clutha Stone Walling Clutha Stone Walling


River Stones

We can also supply these naturally worn stones, which are extracted from ancient river beds. They are typically diverse in their colour range and offer an interesting alternative to classic schist walling.

River Stone Wall River Stone Pillars River Stones Closeup River Stones Bagged
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